Tuesday, November 6, 2012

No-Sew Legwarmers from an Old Sweater

Oh, HEY! I've missed you!

I have been absolutely buried in schoolwork and work work for the last three weeks, but now that our annual art auction is finally over, I can actually have a real life again. One of my friends volunteered at the event, and I told her "I've basically become a hobbit." Which she politely corrected to "hermit." I was so tired I couldn't even say my analogy right.

But Elizabeth has written some awesome posts over the last week! Go check them out, guys! Remember her post on thrifted Halloween costumes? Yep, I thrifted mine! Here's a peek!

$4.50 Total Cost!

Anywho. Today is a lovely, amazing cold day. I adore fall and winter. Warm cozies are my favorite. Last year, I wasn't a refashioner, so when I wanted legwarmers and sweater socks, I bought them. At $7 or more per pair, my wintery wardrobe really added up! So, as was requested after last week's scarf tutorial, I made you a new one! No-sew legwarmers, from a thrifted sweater!

Perfect for the fresh cold weather!

Take a thrifted (or just old, we didn't have any sweaters we didn't like so had to hit up Goodwill) like this one...

Sweater and closeup of knit

And then fold it in half, making sure that the sleeves are exactly lined up. The sleeves will be your legwarmers so they'd better match!

Now take a ruler and line it up so that it will be parallel to the end of the sleeve. I couldn't really get a great picture of this step but it basically just means to make sure that the line you cut is the same as the line at the end of the sleeve so that your legwarmers will be even heights.

Using the ruler as a guide, cut the sleeve straight, as shown. (I'm getting pretty decent at taking pictures with my left hand, thanks to this blog!)

Now, put the sleeves on your calves and fold the top edge over, like this:

Scrunch them up around your knees, and then put on your boots, and BAM! Legwarmers. No sewing required!

I felt that I had to include this picture too, since it took me so long to take it. For both of these pictures I had to squeeze the camera between my knees and then push the button while bent over, and try super hard not to twitch. It was quite a task. After I did it I realized I probably just could have asked my parents to take one for me. Oops.

Voila! Any more wintry requests out there? Let us know!



  1. Brings back great and not so great memories of the 80's - ;-) -love it - thank you!


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