Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Preparing for a new season...

Today at school, EVERYONE (including my dearest ELizabeth, haha) was talking about how awful the cold grey weather was. Meanwhile, I'm in the corner going, WOOHOO! It's almost winter!

Why was I so excited about a cold, rainy day? Well, duh, the clothes! Nothing makes me happier than a warm sweater, bright scarf, and boots. Except maybe coffee. But only when the coffee is combined with all of those winter-y things.

Basically, the above photo is what I want my life to look like every single day of the year. With maybe like five days of summer thrown in just to break it up a little.
But in order to prepare for the changing weather, there is something I have to tackle every year. It's a big, huge, scary monster hiding in my room, and no matter how hard I try I can't hide from it.

It's my closet.
I love my closet. It holds my favorite things. I keep all of my prized possessions in there, like a diamond ring my dad gave me the Christmas I was 15, or letters from the first boy I ever loved. It's all there, in my closet, up on the highest shelve.

On the lower areas of the closet is where the demons lie. My clothes.

I love clothes. Fashion has always been a great love of mine, and the only thing I ever have more of than clothes when I move is books. My closet is a giant fashion collection, and I dread dealing with it when the seasons change.

However, deal I must, and here is my system that may be helpful to you!

1. Take out groups of items that are all similar. I take out dresses first, skirts second, shirts third, pants next, shoes, and finally accessories. Going through just one group at a time makes it way easier to tackle, especially if you are like me and want to keep everything so going through all of your clothes at once is really overwhelming.

2. Use garbage bags for sorting. I make one bag for donations, one bag for potential refashioning (a recent addition to my system), and one bag for things you can't keep but also can't give away, like an old bra. Nobody wants a secondhand bra, so don't take those to Goodwill. It's just weird.

3. Everything you're keeping goes in a pile, so that all that is left in your closet is what you have left. The further you go, the taller your "finished" pile gets, and the smaller the amount in your closet gets. It helps to be able to see your progress, so that the closet monster doesn't eat you alive.

4. NEVER keep something just because you "might" wear it one day if you can find the right color skirt to go with it, or the perfect shoes. You won't. Not to be a pessimist, but those maybe items will just add clutter to your closet and distract you from the items you really love. If it's a strong enough maybe, transform it into something you really will want to wear. Maybe you can use one of our great tutorials!

5. As you go, make a list of items you know you need. That way, when you go to the store you don't end up with way too much of one thing and nowhere near enough of another. For example, right now I have like three long sleeved shirts, mostly because I just get distracted by 3/4 sleeves and floaty tank tops and forget to bring my list.

I hope this is a useful list for you! Do you have any tips I didn't point out?


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