Friday, March 21, 2014

{sow} my soul...a little garden creating

One of my goals from my 23 before 24 list was to do at least 1 creative project per week. Last week it was decorating my new house (that's another post coming soon...still have 1.5 rooms to go), and this week it's gardening.

Nothing makes me happier than a posy of roses

I love love love the outdoors. I love mountains, beaches, forests, fields, flowers...all of it. Nature is my favorite. When we decided to move from our apartment to a house, all I could think was "oh my gosh I get to grow flowers and veggies" so yesterday Husband was the king of romance and brought me roses, and then took me to a garden center to get my first round of things to plant.

One of five greenhouses. FIVE.
Husband has so many romance points right now it's not even funny.
I've got a seed starter ready to go once I nick and soak the seeds overnight tonight, and tomorrow after trying a new yoga studio in the morning (more things from my list happening!) I'm going to build my vegetable patch in a section of the yard Daisy has currently taken over as her spot to spy on the neighbor's dogs. I chose this spot to make her stop spying on the neighbors dogs. It's creepy and weird and no one likes a stalker.

Seed starter greenhouse...Big Lots, $6. Seeds also Big Lots for $1.50 each.

I've also got lots of flowers to go on our back porch and in the front yard and the mailbox planter at the street.
French lavender and two tone daisies. And yellow bells in the background.

Two tone daisies ready for a pot, and a rose bush root in the back.
Seeds going in this year: morning glory, California poppy, cucumber, green beans, tomato, squash, and basil. Oh and the wildflower mix we used in our wedding favors. Basically my house is gonna be adorable.

Who else loves to garden? What are you planning to grow this year?

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