Wednesday, March 26, 2014

goodwill, rocky balboa, and a propensity for getting terribly lost

So you already know I moved and my house is pretty much fantastic because it's adorable, vintage-y, closer to work, and has a huge backyard. What you don't know is how much I hate moving because I have an extreme talent for getting incredibly lost for no apparent reason and I have to find all new everything in my new area which means a million more ways to get lost than before. Also I hate packing. And I hate unpacking even more than I hate packing. Which is very, very, very much.
Common areas look like pretty.
Guest room and office look disturbingly similar to this. {img source}
Thankfully I married a human compass. He's in charge of navigation and driving when we go anywhere together.We're scouting out new gyms, and yesterday while making the final rounds to the final 2 gyms left in the decision making bracket, I found my Goodwill.

I hate hate hate gyms so I was not excited about this voyage at all. A small quiet yoga studio is a bazillion percent more my comfort level. But Husband is a gym nerd. He loves it. He's been on the hunt for a gym like Rocky Balboa trained in--sweaty, gross, not well kept, and downright nasty--because "that's what a man's workout should look like" which made me dread the gym hunt even more because I don't do sweaty, gross, not well kept, and downright nasty.

But there was one gym that I didn't hate and he liked a whole lot that has a downright nasty section but also has a yoga studio which we may be joining--I tried an actual yoga studio last night and loved it but it would be a little more fiscally responsible to work out at the same place. So on the way home while Husband was quoting Rocky and calling me Adrian, I was staring out the window trying to find landmarks to remind myself where I am if I get lost on this road. Lo and behold, I found the best landmark of all...

A big fat giant Goodwill! Which I didn't take a picture of because my phone was MIA (also known as in my purse where all good things go to get lost forever). But here's Mackelmore to tell you for the millionth time about how great it is to buy your grandpa's clothes and look fabulous while only using $20 in your pocket.

So today after work I'm stopping at Goodwill and finding stuff to build up my refashionables closet. And then I'm going home to unpack whilst angrily sobbing because unpacking is just the worst.

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