Saturday, December 1, 2012

What's coming next...

One of the benefits of being a blogger: you have a really great excuse to not be doing your other homework.

"What? Write my essay? No, I can't, I gotta work on my blog some more."

"Study for finals? I need 1500 views before I can even THINK about that!"

Yep. Basically my thought process this weekend. Hey, Lizbeth, you feeling the same way?

I'm really, really, really excited for this semester to be over. I only have THREE classes left to finish my degree! Which means I can be a part time student next semester. After transferring schools, changing my major...twice...and taking overload almost every semester, it looks like I'm still going to graduate on time! And I don't even need a full schedule to do it.

So what does any of that mean to you?

Well, this blog started as a school project. As communications majors, Elizabeth and I have tons of classes on various forms of communication on many levels. This class is a multimedia (basically, internet media) class, for which we got to design our own term projects. We picked a sewing/re-purposing blog not expecting it to take off so quickly, but it really has!

And since my schedule is getting lighter, and I have really fallen in love with this project and being part of the blogosphere, this project will not be ending when finals do. I'm nowhere near out of ideas and inspiration. Sew My Soul shall live on!

Thanks to all of you who have been regularly checking in, giving us feedback, sharing your ideas, and telling your friends about us. We are SO excited to see what is coming next.

And thanks to you, Dr. Duncan, for giving us the kickstart! Also, the A+ I'm quite certain you're going to give us.

What do you want to see as we continue? I want my readers to be an active part of the blog, not just readers, so please comment or email or Facebook me your ideas!


PS--here are two of the blogs that inspired me to do this as my project:

  • Sweet Verbena. She's also a college student, and also loves to sew, and in keeping up with her blog I realized there are probably a lot of us out there!
  • A Small Snippet. I found Leana's blog through a Pinterest link to her maxi dress tutorial, and after reading that post I had to keep reading. I spent like three hours going through everything. Her tutorials are great, and I love the posts she puts up about her faith!
Check them out! They're both awesome blogs. I hope I can be that cool someday!

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  1. I'm glad you're going to keep on bloggin'! I've been enjoying it!


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