Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Goodwill explosions!

Monday I had to go to Greenville for most of the day for a few appointments, and I found SO many thrift stores. My mom was with me and every time we passed one I would stop talking mid sentence and look out the window really quickly like a dog watching cars pass. She made so much fun of me.

But I can't help it! Sew My Soul has been so much fun, and now everywhere I go, I see opportunities for it.

For example.

Did you know that Goodwill actually has a clearance store? How much more discounted and thrifty can you possibly get than a Goodwill Clearance Store? According to my mom, "it's really really take four showers when you leave gross..." which to me translates to "perfect place for a broke twenty something who likes to sew to shop."

And there are approximately seven zillion independently owned thrift stores scattered all over town. We got kind of lost a few times because neither of us is very good at listening to the GPS while the radio is on, so we saw way more parts of town than we'd planned. And in every random area we were in, I found at least four thrift stores.

Back home in Anderson, I found a brand new little one in the middle of nowhere on my way home. Yes, the way home does involve being in the middle of nowhere. I was late to class Friday morning because I got stuck behind a tractor. For about a mile and a half. Yep, I'm from the South.

In seeing all of these thrift stores, I realized something. Donating is super, super important for these businesses.

But I have a confession.

There are two enormous bags of donations in my trunk for Goodwill.

They've been there since September.



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