Sunday, December 16, 2012

Catching up

So it's been kind of a while since I've posted, comparatively speaking! Sorry about that. I'm officially done with my semester now, which feels AMAZING. Even better is the feeling that comes from getting straight A's for the first time since high school! Not to brag, but college has been kind of a tough period for me, so I'm really proud of this accomplishment.

Since I've been MIA, I've been doing lots and lots of things! First, we had Elizabeth's birthday (it was December 7, we celebrated on the 8th) where everyone learned that when I start laughing hard, it is basically impossible to get me to stop. Here's proof:

Abi and I didn't even know what was funny. We might be getting an apartment together this fall, and I guarantee our neighbors will hate us for how loud we are with our giggling.

It was a lovely girls night! Here's a much more flattering picture with all of us!

I've also been doing a lot of planning for Sew My Soul and where I want to take it in the future. I think there will continue to be quite a bit of repurposing, because I love it, but I'm also going to show you some of my standard sewing projects. I've got a week and a half off between Christmas and New Year's, so I'm planning on using some of my Christmas money to make new bedding. I have a gorgeous ivory quilt, which I bought because I knew I could make thousands of different pillows and they'd never clash with it, so I can redecorate as often as I want.

Looking through old posts, I seriously examined photo quality. I think the pictures I took were informative, but not all that pretty, so I've been practicing getting good light and using backdrops. 

This shot is part of a little project I did for Christmas, which I REALLY want to show you but I can't until December 26!

I want a DSLR camera sooooo bad, but right now I have a more pressing need for a car. Mine has had some issues over the last few months, and then I got rear ended Thursday, so I've decided it's time to get serious about saving for a nicer one. Don't worry, I'm fine! No injuries to speak of, except a pretty sore neck, but my bumper is basically on the ground. I've been driving my Explorer since sophomore year of high school, and it was old back then. I'm not sure what I want yet, but I'm hoping by graduation in May I'll have enough saved that I can get a much newer, nicer car!

After I get new wheels, I'll be pocketing some cash for a new camera! I told Santa I wanted it, but he's on a budget too, so I'll be exercising my patience muscles!

Christmas is my favorite day ever. For real. I can't get enough of it. In an ideal world, I would be a professional at Christmas. I could shop for people, wrap for people, decorate for them, plan their parties, bake their would be the best job in the world. I currently live with my parents, and they decided to be a little more chill about the holiday this year, so we just got our tree this past Tuesday. I almost died waiting for it.

I did plan out my presents very carefully though. I made them, and getting them finished turned into a huge fiasco--again, can't tell you until after Christmas. And I spent forever planning the wrapping.

LOVE how they turned out!

All of those wrapping materials came from the Dollar Tree! It smells weird in there, and it's usually pretty crowded, but literally everything is one dollar or less. I might be going there to buy dishes when I move. No lie. I stocked up on wrapping stuff, because I'm really picky about presents looking right, so I wanted to be prepared for several giving occasions!

That's what I've been up to lately! How have you been getting ready for the holidays?


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