Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Epic tutorial fail

Alright. It's official. My lovely chambray denim look shirt that I was SO excited to bring home is beyond my repair capabilities. So I have now spent nearly $40 on a shirt that I can't wear because of one button. One.

This is my date outfit. You like?

As it turns out, snap removal of a full cap snap...doesn't happen. And, as it turns out, full cap snap replacements are NOT readily available at any of my local craft supply stores.

Which I learned after spending $17.99 on replacement snaps, only to find that they were a) the wrong shape, b) vastly different in style from the ones on the shirt originally, and c) nonrefundable. Awesome. I may be great at finding deals in the clothing stores, but that skill does not translate well to notions in the fabric store.

So that's today's story. Looks like my Christmas money will be taking this shirt to my local alterations shop. However, here's a tutorial from someone who has more success with snaps!

Side note--I did learn how to attach the snaps I purchased. Since I can't return them, clearly I need a project that will involve pearl finished snap buttons. Any thoughts?

Oh, and in case you were wondering, that wasn't sarcasm about my date outfit. If by date you mean night at home watching The Big Bang Theory and holding my Pillowpet named Animal (I couldn't decide if it was a bunny or a sheep...so I named it Animal). Bet that's something you didn't know about me!


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