Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ideas for upcycling!

First off, let me say, we are sorry our posts this week are a little off schedule. Elizabeth and I have basically the same class schedule this semester, which this week means we had a paper and two midterms. And an eight to ten page legal argument due next week. Plus, Elizabeth is planning a wedding (YAY!) and I'm preparing for an enormous fundraiser at work. So we are slightly behind on blogging.

But. We are not behind on inspiration! While procrastinating studying and writing, I've been thinking up ideas for future tutorials. Here's my list so far:

1. Take one of my scarves (I have a slight scarf addiction. No, I don't need scarfaholics anonymous. I refuse treatment) and turn it into an infinity scarf. I love infinity scarves because you don't have to think of 3297938479398769 different ways to tie them. I don't love buying infinity scarves because they're like seven dollars more than regular, and we all know I HATE spending money.

2. Teach you some basic sewing techniques via video series. Seriously, every girl needs to know how to sew, and since I know, I feel it is my feminine duty to inform the rest of the world of what they are missing! I am a woman on a mission, guys, hear me roar! Or hear me turn on my sewing machine...probably a more appropriate sound for this blog, even though I do have a fantastic baby Simba impersonation up my sleeve.

3. Take that navy blue dress I showed you and spruce it up with some lace, and get rid of that horrible sash and awkward cap sleeves.

4. Take that men's shirt from our first video and turn it into a sleeping shirt...or maybe a ruffly blouse...who doesn't love ruffles?

5. Go back to Goodwill, find something truly atrocious  like those granny dresses from tutorial numero uno, and create a beautiful dress that will be easy for you to recreate and look lovely in all of my 22nd birthday pictures (next month, guys! get excited!).

I also really want to try this idea, courtesy of

What's your favorite of these ideas? Eventually I'll be doing all of them, so you might as well tell me which to do first!

With love,

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  1. I really like the scarf idea! I hate buying infinity scarves too but would love to know how to make one!


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