Wednesday, October 15, 2014

what i wish i knew in college

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One of my activities thus far in my week off has been watching an obscene amounts of Gilmore Girls since it's finally on Netflix.

I'm on season 4, which means Rory is now a freshman at Yale, and I've found myself thinking over and over, "I wish I could do that over. There are so many things I wish I'd known then."

And of course, when, as a blogger, those thoughts strike you, you write a post about it. So here it is. What I wish I had known six years ago.

  1. The first time you go to a party, college Kaitlin, and you drink excessively, and wake up tomorrow and think to yourself, "well that wasn't even that much fun and now I feel terrible. Why do people do that?" you should listen to yourself. Don't go back to the parties you have no fun at and drink things that change your personality and make you uncomfortable when you wake up on so many levels. There are so many far cooler things to be doing, like joining some really interesting clubs, taking an elective you would never expect of yourself, looking at studying many things you would be better off and having more fun doing than participating in Thirsty Thursday through Sunday.
  2. College Kaitlin, if what your friends talk about, think about, do in their spare time, and how they act towards the world, give you a bit of an icky feeling, trust your gut. Be friendless for a while and make friends with people who get you when they do come along, and don't worry so much about being a loner. You've always liked that about yourself anyway. And being friendless instead of friends with the wrong friends will save you a lot of hurt. Trust me.
  3. College does weird things to people's brains. Really weird. Including yours in a lot of ways, which is why I've told you the first two tips. Accept it, but don't get involved with the brains that have gotten too weird. Just...don't. It's not worth it.
  4. You LOVE to learn, college Kaitlin. Like, really, really, really love it. Don't hide that about yourself! It's a wonderful thing and when you grow up you'll think to yourself often about going back to school or auditing classes here and there simply because you adore learning. So take this time and devour your textbooks. Stay up all night on essays. Don't pretend you hate your classes because your friends hate theirs. Own up to being a nerd who absolutely adores school and learning. Here's a fun fact: grown up you who has a successful career and a husband is going to read your textbooks for fun down the road anyway, so start doing it now. You know you want to. PS, you'll make the Dean's List senior year because you finally remembered you love to learn. Remember it sooner. Making the Dean's List feels pretty awesome.
  5. Listen to your mommy and daddy. They've been your best friends for a long time and they know you sometimes better than yourself. Also, it's okay to want your mommy and daddy when you're all grown up and off at a fancy school studying fancy things. Really. Even when you're out of school it's okay to want your mommy and daddy. Especially yours. They're the best.
  6. Eat. Take care of yourself. Don't let the fear of taking up too much space come back into your head. What you lose won't be just weight. "You're getting so thin" isn't a good compliment and shouldn't be inspiration to keep going. Plus, you really like food. Making it, eating it. If you go too long in the patterns you're stuck in now, that little voice that tells you you're not doing enough or losing enough will always be around. But here's a secret: you have an amazing support system in your family. Let them help you now. They'll be there for you later when you really need them most, but let them help you sooner. It's okay that you need it. And as you grow up it's okay to need it sometimes then, too.
  7. Soak this time in. I know you hate it right now, but you'll miss it someday. And if you follow rules 1-6 you'll hate it a heck of a lot less. Embrace this season. It doesn't have to be the best four years of your life (another secret: the best year of your life will be the year after you're going to fall in love with that boy from high school all over again, he'll put a big shiny diamond on your left hand, the kind you currently don't believe in wearing, and you're going to say I do despite your current anti-marriage stance. And it's going to be great.)
My college years were not the best four years of my life. I would do it over if I could. I'm grateful for what I learned, no matter how painful the lessons were along the way, but I do have regrets. So, sweet reader, if you're in college now, take this advice to heart. What I wish I knew then, you can know now. It might save you a little heartache along the way.

What would you tell yourself as a college freshman?
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  1. YES TO ALL OF THESE. I also went through a phase in college where I stepped back from the friend group I was a part of and had some me time. It was so good. I got ahead in school and invested my time in far more lasting things! Love this!

  2. I love this! Oh the things I would go back to to change and do over lol! Oh well, I guess live and learn :)

  3. This probably applies to a lot of areas in life..... I'm sure we would all go back and change time when/if we could! So thankful that we learn and grow as we go through different life stages!!!


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