Tuesday, June 3, 2014

meet husband: aka why i almost pee my pants on the regular

This is Drew. Also known as Husband. Or just D.
Since Friday I did a little get to know me session, I figured this week you should get to know the dude I spend most of my time with. The Husband. He makes me laugh daily. In fact, today there was clear and present danger I might actually pee myself from laughing too hard. An incident was very narrowly avoided. I loved the questions Jenna asked her man last week and I knew Drew would have hilarious answers. And he did.

Me: What is the name of my blog?
D: Your blogs name is "Sew My Soul". It's actually a really cool name, and if you had a sister blog it could be named "Spin My Spirit". 

Me: Who are some of my favorite bloggers?
D: God, because you read the Bible every day and that's kinda like His blog, but He just told other people to post for him. 
*I think this is him trying to get out of not knowing who my top bloggers are but in a way that I can't be annoyed about.

Me: What do you know about Pinterest?
D: Pinterest is a place where you pin your interests. I have one, I don't use it but I have one, mostly recipes. It's a marketing scheme for Hobby Lobby and Michael's I'm sure.

Me: If you had a blog, what would you write about?
D: If I had a blog I would probably write about my life, sports, and Faith. Maybe even throw in a few medical advice blogs or even experiences with certain pharmaceuticals.
*It should be noted that Husband is a medical professional.

Me: What do I write about?
D: You write about your faith, life, cooking, and just about everything. Even things you think about while running.
*Scored points with me here. I didn't know he read my blog this much!

Me: What is a popular fashion trend for women right now that you like?
D: I don't really know what fashion trends are in right now. Whatever fashion trend you are on right now I like.

Me: Are there any trends that you can't stand?
D: I don't know if it's a fashion trend but I'm not a fan of Uggs and yoga pants. If it's cold enough to wear Uggs, then why are you not wearing real pants instead of pants that were made to work out in? This doesn't make any sense, and your feet have got to be sweaty.

Me: What's the best place to shop for women?
D: Best place to shop for women?? I'm pretty sure it's illegal to buy women, babe. Church is a pretty good place to look for them but you have to love them not buy them.

Me: What is your favorite desert?
D: My favorite desert is banana pudding or anything lemon. I love lemon cake, especially the lemon cake you made with raspberry. I wouldn't be mad if you decided to bake that again. You could probably blog about it?

Me: What is our favorite thing to do together?
D: Our favorite thing to do together would be to just hang out. Whether it be going on an adventure or just snuggling on the couch watching a movie after ordering pizza.

Husband doesn't like this picture but I love it and it's my blog so I win. He looks like he's having so much fun and it makes me very happy.

Me: Describe your perfect evening.
D: My perfect evening would be taking you out on a date, then coming home and snuggling on the couch while watching a movie, or watching the Big Bang Theory. We don't have to talk or keep conversation the whole time just enjoy each others presence.
*He also added finishing that all off with some...ahem...horizontal cardiovascular exercise.

Me: What is my perfect evening?
Your perfect evening would be going out to a nice dinner, then to go on a romantic walk while the sun is going down. You also love it when we make s'mores on the grill and sit on the back porch talking.

Me: What do women keep in their purse?
D: What do women keep in their purse? I think it all depends on the women. Like you probably keep your phone, wallet, keys, pens, highlighters, gum, touch up makeup, hair bands, receipts, and other random items. I don't really know what else could be in there. Some women may want some jelly beans if they are diabetic, and others may want some binoculars if they like bird watching.
*At first I was like bird watching? What the heck are you talking about? And then I asked for some binoculars that would fit in my purse.

Me: What's your favorite trait about me, not physical?
D: My favorite thing about you is your faith in God. It's the most attractive thing about you and the reason I asked you out, and knew it was a good decision to enter into a relationship with you.

Me: What is your favorite meal?
D: My favorite home cooked meal is chicken bog. It's a southern recipe that has a few variations, but my favorite is yellow rice, chicken, and sausage.

Me: What are your thoughts on social media?
D: I think social media is like any other tool. Its a tool that can be used for entertainment, ministry, or ways to tell the public things you should probably just keep to yourself. I think social media has become an outlet for passive aggressive individuals, or even those with attention seeking behavior. But I also think its a way to stay in touch with friends that are no longer in your everyday life. Plus through sites like Facebook, guys like me who never take pictures have years of pictures on file that other people took of us, so that works out pretty great. Its important to be aware of how much a person uses social media, because it's easy to be so focused on checking somebodies latest tweets or Instagrams that you neglect the people that are in your actual presence. But overall I'm pro social media, just don't "Poke" me cause that's weird, and if you send me a Farmville invite I may reconsider our friendship.

Me: Anything else you'd like to say?
D: I think I have probably talked too much already. If I talk anymore I would probably need to just start my own blog and finish up this conversation on there.

There you have it, friends. The man behind the blog. I hope his answers made you laugh as much as they did me.

I'd love to see how your men respond to these! Have you already done a significant other Q&A?
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  1. Hahaha- his comment about Farmville. I TOTALLY agree. I will consider not being friends with you if you do that! I love this style of interview, it's always nice to get to know the guy behind the blogger:)

    1. I can't handle any of the game requests! They drive me crazy. One of my best friends started sending them and we were not ok for about a week. I loved asking Drew this stuff--I really didn't know he knew so much about the blog!

  2. I seriously tell all of my friends to marry someone funny because it makes life THAT much better - looks like you did just that. Isn't it great being married to someone cool and funny? Husbands really are pretty neat :) lol. cute post by the way!

    1. If the person you're marrying isn't funny (to you at least) your life will be less fun. Simple fact. Having a hilarious husband that secretly has wayyyy more street cred than I do makes life much more exciting! So glad you stopped by!

  3. Your Hubby is cool. It made me smile.

    1. He is the coolest. He's always putting a smile on my face!


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