Wednesday, June 25, 2014

it's a good day when...

=It's A Good Day Linkup

Linking up today with two of my favorite regular reads, Brittany at Happy is a Choice, and Lisa at Two Martinis, for their brand new linkup, It's a good day when...

It's a good day when...
  • it starts with french press coffee and homemade shortbread cookies
  • it takes me to the airport to design a special display honoring Delta Airlines in Columbia
  • I come home to my copy of Bread and Wine finally getting here after almost everyone I read/know through blogging has made me just die to read it (I would tag all of you...but I can't even remember anymore who I haven't heard great things about it from)
  • maybe some other parts of the day weren't so good so Husband takes me to play with puppies at the animal shelter

  • then takes me for tacos and sushi at Takosushi
  • then takes me for cake and coffee at Nonnah's (if you are ever in downtown Columbia, GO TO NONNAH'S. Actually, just go to downtown and go to Nonnah's even if you weren't planning on it. And tell me so I can come too.)

  • then takes me on a romantic walk around USC's historic horseshoe where I dream about all the learning to be done there by all the curious minds, and do a little dreaming about auditing English classes just because I love it.

  • then I get to write and read in my amazingly comfy bed next to my amazingly loving husband.
Also, my blog friend turned real life friend (which I'll write about tomorrow) who you need to read daily, Sarah, has a fun little feature on me on her blog today. And Madison who I can't wait to turn into a real life friend does as well for her June sponsors highlight--check out all the other girls who I've spent the month with on her sidebar! Sponsoring other bloggers has been such a joy over the last month and I'm so happy to have a growing community as my first round of sponsors will be appearing here next week!
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  1. it is definitely a good day when it involves playing with puppies! :)

  2. What a pretty walk!!! Those are the best!

  3. I 100% agree...the best days *do* start with a French Press!

  4. sounds like a great day and a great place to live.

  5. Walks are the best. It's amazing how many good conversations can happen on a walk, or just productive thoughts! Thanks for linking-up :-)


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