Thursday, May 29, 2014

what i'm REALLY thinking while running

1. "David Guetta...Guetta...Guuuueeeettttaaaa....his name is fun to say. I wish I wasn't running so I could stop and dance."

2. "I thought I was in pants size lied to me...this sucks."

3. "Nooooo Daisy...don't poop on their lawn...I used the last bag half a mile ago and they drive past our house every day!"

4. "I think I'm getting a second wind. Oh wait. Nope, I was just going downhill."

5. "Is that really a sunburn coming on? It is LITERALLY sunrise. That's pathetic."

6. "If I had known running meant I got new clothes and shoes I probably would've started doing this a century ago. I feel adorable."

7. "Ok, note to self, regular life underwear do NOT work as running underwear. Buy new panties, ASAP."

8. "Why did I read Titus 2. I wish I hadn't gotten convicted about this whole health-thing. Sorry, God, but this isn't cool."

9. "If Daisy sees that squirrel I'm toast. My legs are too sore to keep my balance."

10. "She saw the squirrel. Crap. She saw the squirrel. Don't chase him don't chase him don't chase him...ok cool we're safe."

What's secretly going on in your head when you're running?


  1. Kaitlin, this is hysterical. I have so many of those thoughts too. I am hoping to get our border collies to be better runners, they're herders for pete sake!, but they doddle or trip me. Your neighborhood looks like a dream to run in. So beautiful!

    1. My Basset is a notorious Squirrel Chasing Expert in Training. I'm just starting this running journey and decided it would be good for her to join me, but it seems she thinks this is part of her training regimen, and a course titled Teach Your Human to Chase Squirrels Too. I'm glad you liked the post!! I love my neighborhood. It's full of older adorable little houses and there are trees everywhere. And the sidewalks are perfect. It's the best place to be a beginner runner!

  2. Hahaha, this makes me giggle so much! I'm definitely avoiding Titus 2 now ;) Although the new clothes and shoes thing does sound nice!

    1. Yeah Titus 2 is notttt the passage to study if you hope to stay in your comfort zone haha. But I do like having pretty shoes. And athletic gear feels soooo soft on my skin!


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