Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The time I almost made a new friend...

You read right. Almost.

I was going to make my next post about my bridal shower, and I am soon, I'm just waiting to get pictures back/actually be home with a camera when there is good light to take pictures of the things in my apartment.

So instead I have a story to tell. A rather embarrassing one about myself.

I went to the Columbiana Mall to return a few things at JC Penney and see if I could find some jewelry at Forever 21 to use up store credit on (their clothes rarely fit me right--if you have hips and a butt, some brands just do not work). So while I'm returning the dresses at Penney's I decide to check out the clearance on some honeymoon clothes (52 days until the wedding, 54 until the cruise!) and grabbed something to take home. I go to check out and the girl running the register seemed to be about my age.

She noticed the ring on my left hand and started asking me about the wedding and the engagement, and told me about her wedding that's coming up this Saturday. We ended up chatting for a while.

Now, here is something you need to know. I am extremely shy socially. If I'm in my professional world I can meet new people and talk and network fine, because I'm on a mission and doing it for work. But socially, I hate meeting new people. It takes me forever to make friends. I knew Liz for like a year before we started talking and became friends. I just don't really know what to say to new people. It's not that I want to be unfriendly, I'm just really bad at being friendly. I tend to get awkward and not know what to do with my hands or words.

{my brother and i watch a lot of will ferrell and steve carell. also kids movies. we love them.}

So me talking to this girl at JC Penney and going hey, I could totally be friends with this girl, was kind of a big deal. So I'm paying and we agree we are most def doing coffee at some point. And here is the "almost" part of the title of this post....

I forgot that in order to be friends and hang out you have to exchange phone numbers and names.

I'm serious. I was all excited for like five minutes because I'm going OH MY GOSH I FINALLY MADE A FRIEND!

And then I was like...I'm forgetting something.

{is there ever an inappropriate time to use a jennifer lawrence gif? i think not}

So yeah. That's my story. I had every intent of making something super awesomely creative last night but after my almost friendship ended I decided to watch Father of the Bride and make cookie dough instead.

Anyone else out there in the blogger world find writing and/or professional networking wayyyy easier than regular social behavior?

Also, if you're the girl who works at JC Penney at the mall and had a fun conversation about cheap wedding dresses, awkward lingerie shopping experiences, and how when someone pays for something in a bunch of one dollar bills you can't help but wonder if they strip on the side, you should definitely email me at

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