Tuesday, November 5, 2013

little things, big difference

Something I've learned in my first full month in my first home of my own is that being on a tight (and I do mean tight...you work in nonprofit for love, not money), does not mean that you can't find little ways to make your space feel like a home. For me, the way my living space looks has an enormous impact on my overall well being. I've found that if I don't like my space, I'm more susceptible to bad days and a general malaise while at home. I knew that I would need to work at making my space feel like mine, but I've had to do it slowly. Thankfully, my mom and dad instilled me with great money habits and budget knowledge so I've been able to invest in the apartment here and there despite my small income.

Here are a few before & afters to show how a little bit of money and a few small tweaks can transform a space.

 {move in day living room, deco free}

{pillows: Stein Mart, blue suede $7.98 each; not listed online: brown with buttons $12.98, embroidered "ours" $15.98}

Stein Mart. Who knew? Excellent selection of home decor for not much money.

{kitchen just after moving--almost no decoration}

{paper towel holder, $3.49, Tuesday Morning} 

{set of three vintage style storage jars $12.99, Tuesday Morning}

{fall tea light candle holders, $1.00/each, Dollar Tree}

I've hardly gotten started on my bedroom or home office yet but I have big plans (big yet inexpensive) for both rooms. Just a little money here and there can change the way you feel about your space entirely. My apartment is starting to feel like home finally, thanks to the minor additions I've slowly made.

My mom is also my best friend and matron of honor, so she threw me a kitchen themed bridal shower last weekend. Look out for the wonderful gifts from friends and family that have added to the cozy feeling I'm building in my house! I'll feature my shower in my next post.

What about you? What sorts of things do you do that are small with a big impact? Home, wardrobe, or otherwise?

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