Friday, January 25, 2013

Skirt inspiration/life update!

Today it's icy and snowy--my favorite. If I could live in the mountains and be guaranteed winter snow and great camping and hiking in summer and fall, I would move in a hot second. For a girly girl, I have an odd obsession with the natural world. Except snakes. In my house, we don't even say their name--it's "the S word."

Since I'm snowed in, I'm thinking obsessively about things I need to accumulate before graduation/moving day, and my wardrobe is topping the list of collections I need to add too. I want skirts. Lots of them. If I'm feeling dumpy and weird, I have to wear a skirt or dress. Nothing makes me feel more feminine.

Scouring Pinterest is obviously the best way to design your future imaginary closet and its contents, and as I did, I found this blog with a list of ten DIY skirts. I'm in love with all of them. I highly recommend some of you wonderful readers donate to my Poor College Fashionista fund so I can buy the fabric to make them! (Totally joking, clearly...unless you really did feel generous, in which case please email me.)

This one, the first on her list, is my favorite. I want ten.

Tutorial can be found here
I just bought this gorgeous coral colored pencil skirt from Target's New Year clearance for $15 last week! Here's my awesome skirt story: I grabbed it at the last minute walking out of the store, and even though it was a size 6 and I almost always need an 8, I decided to get it just in case. Then I got home and tried it on for a friend, and realized it was actually about a size and a half too big! Isn't that the best feeling in the whole world for us girls?

Expect a tutorial on taking a skirt in real soon!

I have to admit to you: I have a serious addiction. It's bad. I went to Target every single day week last week. EVERY DAY. Somehow I only spent like $40 total, but still. Last Friday...I went twice. Once because I needed highlighters, and later because I was going to the movies with my girlfriends and didn't want to pay for theater snacks. I need Target detox.

In other news, I cut seven inches off my hair this Wednesday! My head feels so weird. But I love it. I decided it was time to get a grown up hair cut. I'm not sure how, but I think I aged significantly over Christmas break.

It curls naturally again!

Plus, I built my own website! Check it out! It took me a while but it was possibly one of the most fun extra projects I've ever done.

As you can see, 2013 has been crazy so far. But I'm loving it. Best year of my life so far!

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