Thursday, November 29, 2012

Upcycled Christmas Decorations

The Christmas Gala at the Arts Center is tomorrow night, and we made some REALLY cool ornaments this morning to put on our lovely tree! I forgot to take pictures of it but I can definitely describe!

We first made some out of those mini spools of thread that come in a pack of about 24. We stacked ten of different colors and then threaded them onto a sheer ribbon, which we tied a loose knot with a long tail into on one end, and a loop into on the other. Sort of like these, but without the buttons:

Thanks to Lisa Carroccio over at The Domestic Diva for her Martha Stewart Christmas post! Her's like going to wonderland for seamstresses. Dead serious. I couldn't get off.

We also stuffed a bunch of ribbon in those clear glass globe ornaments you can get at Target, Michaels, etc. I'm gonna try to get them at the Dollar Store so I can do it at home. We have literally hundreds of yards of extra ribbon all over the Arts Center. Because of how many events we host, we can basically decorate for any theme ever. So lots of supplies. And we reuse them all the time. Need some Spanish moss for that flower pot? Go check the attic. Looking for that wooden cutout we made for art camp six years ago? I think it's in the workshop.

Really. We're nothing if not prepared. And we're economical, because we are a nonprofit, so we maximize our dollars by using everything more than once for a thousand different things. Kind of like what Elizabeth and I are doing with our blog!

I can't decide what I want to make next...I have about fifty ideas and I can't pick one! Anyone have some suggestions?


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