Wednesday, December 17, 2014

community brew || on generosity

This week I'm thrilled to be cohosting Community Brew with my lovely blog and real life friends Madison and Rachel! Once a month they host a linkup discussing life. Today we're talking about generosity. Some things to consider in your post:
Romans 15:1
Proverbs 11:24-25
What does generosity mean to you during the holiday season?
Why and how are we called to be generous as believers?
How is generosity a theme in your life?
The last 72 hours have been rough around here. I was feeling down Sunday & Monday because God's plans don't always match up with what I want right. this. minute. And yesterday I got the migraine from hell. I was fine, then fifteen minutes later I was vomiting from pain.
In that time, my brain was focused on me, me, me. Mostly, being frustrated by what was happening to me, me, me. 
I lost perspective.
It's so easy, isn't it? When we're in the middle of sadness or sickness, it's so easy to forget gratitude. It's so easy to forget goodness. It's so easy to forget the blessing we have of being able to give to others.
Generosity is a word we throw around a lot, especially this time of year. We call this the "season of giving" and while I think it's great that this time of year inspires giving, I don't agree with that sentiment.
Why do we have just one season of giving? Why is this the time to be generous?

See, as Christians, we're called to live generous lives. We're called to sacrifice ourselves for others. We are called to be in an attitude of giving all our lives.
Yet all the year long, this is easy to neglect. Then, at Christmas, we wake up. We remember our great gift in Christ. We remember how much we have and are inspired to share with others. It's Christmas! It's the time for giving!

Generosity doesn't have a time. It doesn't have a season. Generosity is constant. It's in the attitude you carry when you wake up every morning. How can I help someone else today? How can I be of service today? What do I have that someone else needs more than I do? 

I want to live in generosity. I don't want to celebrate just one season. I want my heart to always be desiring to give.
Yes, I love to give at Christmas. There are tons of presents under my tree and more still being made. I love seeing the smiles on the faces of the ones I love when they open a package and see something picked out just for them.
I just don't want to focus on making those smiles happen once a year, during the "season of giving."
Your whole life is a season in time. Make it the season of generosity.

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  1. You are generous my sweet friend, even if it doesn't always feel like it! Hope you're feeling better

    1. I haven't thrown up yet today and the searing pain is now a dull ache behind my right eye, so thus far, recovery is looking good! As far as being down, I'm feeling a lot better. Making progress on letting go of my immediate desires to make room for what is best in the long run. And thank you very much.

  2. So beautiful. I hope you are feeling so much better!

    1. I'm working on it! Letting go of my own idea of what's best to embrace what I know is true in God's promise of being in control is not easy. Physically, I'm feeling much better though!

  3. I keep missing this link up. You put it so beautifully. It is so easy to lose perspective. Thank you for the encouragement though!

    1. It's still open for a little while so you can join in a bit late! Thank you for your constant encouragement here.


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