Tuesday, September 23, 2014

finally fall + a giveaway

Right now I'm wearing a cardigan and a scarf and it's not because it's cute...well, okay, it's a little bit because it's cute...but it's actually cool outside. I don't have an outfit picture because I'm not a fashion blogger and taking pictures of what I'm wearing is a bit of a foreign concept. Alas, I couldn't be happier right this minute.

Unless a million dollars suddenly came my way. That might make me a little happier. We are fortunate to not be wanting for much, but I don't know anyone who wouldn't get a tad excited about a massive donation to their life.

Anyway. I love fall. I hate being hot and summer here in Columbia...well...it was pretty awful. And today is the first day of fall and I can see the end of long, hot, sweaty, icky days fast approaching, and I could cry with happiness.

I'm planning on baking something tonight. With warm spices to reflect the seasons changing.

After, of course, I finish my amazing client's website that I can't wait to show off.

Sneak peek. Because we are too excited about this.

And, after I finish writing and taking pictures for tomorrow's post...OUR PROPOSAL STORY. Because tomorrow will mark exactly one year since Drew got down on one knee on a Tuesday when I was annoyed that my dad was making us late for my going away dinner and that Drew still hadn't asked my parents to marry me and that meant we weren't getting engaged before I moved to a new city for him and wasn't that just not acceptable (that's what I thought, anyway).

Also I'm a day late posting this giveaway from the lovely Rachel of Oh Simple Thoughts, but honestly, Sunday wasn't a great day, and I was a bit exhausted and completely forgot. #badbloggerstatus

For everyone who loves to cook as much as we do, you cannot miss this giveaway. No, really, it's too good.

In the spirit of loving food I am teaming up with some lovely ladies and giving away 2 cookbooks and a copy of a recent favorite book, Notes from a Blue Bike by Tsh Oxenrieder. 

The winner will be announced this Friday so stay tuned and play fair! All entries will be verified. Have fun!! 

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  1. BAKE ALL THE FALL THINGS! Can't wait for your post tomorrow :)

    1. I didn't bake a single thing haha I was so emotional after going through all the proposal things I couldn't even see my stove through the tears.

  2. Replies
    1. Right? Everything smells so much better in fall flavors!


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