Monday, July 7, 2014

marriage & relationship goal: a linkup

Hello there, loves. I took a social media hiatus this weekend due to a little medical procedure (don't worry, I'm fine) and going to my parents house for the 4th and an early birthday celebration for mi madre since she'll be in California on her real birthday.

But I'm back today to bring you a fantastic linkup with the duo behind Life with Amberly & Joe as well as some other fantastic bloggers! This is my first linkup ever to cohost and I am so excited about it.

Our car ride conversation last night was what do we want to accomplish in our second six months of marriage, since our half-iversary was Friday. Drew's first response? "Well, stay married, for one."

After the laughter stopped we got serious, and here's what we are working towards as we move forward:

  • Financial goals:
    • By our 1 year anniversary: have a great anniversary vacation booked and paid for.
    • Have doubled our savings account.
    • Created and stuck to an organized, working budget.
    • Eat at home more and out less.
  • Romance goals:
    • One date night per month planned ahead--maybe even one where I get to get all dressed up.
    • Be more intentional in intimacy.
    • Eat at the dinner table most nights instead of in front of the TV.
  • And...don't split up.
This really opened up a great conversation for us and allowed us to really talk about things that were bothering us without having an argument or any strife between us. We enjoyed the discussion a lot and learned even more about each other and what matters to each of us.

Now, it's your turn. What are some goals you and your spouse/fiance/boyfriend/girlfriend have as you move forward?

Marriage & Relationship Goals

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  1. Love this, sweet friend! I can seriously relate to all of your goals y'all are setting!

    1. Thanks, dear! We are genuinely excited to start working on some of these hard ones, especially financial!

  2. These are all such great goals! I really like the one about eating at the table instead of in front of the TV. Something I need to work on! It really makes you focus on the other person and makes for some really great conversation!

    1. That's exactly the issue for us! We watch TV while we eat all the time and we don't connect and converse like we both would like. So we are excited to begin the process of working towards connecting on that level!

  3. I'm loving this link up! Such great goals you have too. Being more intentional in intimacy is something that my husband and I are always working on. I think eating at the table helps with that too. Or not keeping my eyes in my phone or computer whenever we are spending time together.

    1. I completely agree! Intimacy is built on a million levels, so I'm loving our intentional focus on it right now!

  4. I absolutely LOVE that you have financial goals! I think that I may have to add that to my next set of goals for us! :)

    1. Financial goals can be so overwhelming to set but are so necessary, especially when you share finances! We haven't been great about this before so I'm really pumped to start working towards very specific goals!

  5. I like this a lot and I like that you guys were able to have a conversation that wasn't an argument but a discussion instead!!! :) Thank you so much for cohosting :)

  6. I love your goals! Having a vacation paid for by your anniversary sounds amazing!!! I absolutely love how you want to be intentional about intimacy, it is so important and something I think every marriage needs to work on!

  7. What great goals! I know Amberly will be proud of your financial ones. I really need to make a point to eat dinner at the table too. Nine times out of 10, we eat on the couch watching TV. I keep saying that once we have kids, we'll eat at the table, but there's no reason we can't start now.


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