Monday, March 3, 2014

monday musings's been a few weeks. Sorry. I keep trying to get into the blogging habit again and it keeps falling to the wayside. But I'm working on developing a writing schedule to force myself to be better at this. After all, I love blogs. I love writing. I love sewing. Basically I have no excuses.

So what has been on my mind besides this little slice of the web? WELL let me show you in pictures.


We're moving! Long story short our apartment complex filed our lease wrong and gave us notice of our lease expiring six months sooner than we expected and did we want to renew. We had been talking about renting a house next so Daisy could have a yard and we could grill out and I could garden, so what was initially quite a shock became an opportunity and now we are moving into this adorable house with the loveliest vintage kitchen that I can't wait to use!!! Two weeks!!!

 I've been crafty! This mug is going to be our next tutorial. It's a DIY with mugs that somehow found their way into our bags from our honeymoon hotel. A souvenir for much much less than the gift shops, with a fun personal touch.

Also on my mind, random things. Old friends who, thanks to my getting hitched, are now reappearing in my life and that makes me oh so happy. Little Sunday musings (I have always doodled during any listening activity. It helps me remember more. Also I dislike sitting still longer than five minutes so this keeps me from moving around too much.). Fuzzy snuggly animals including Daisy and the koalas at the local zoo.

 Anddd I got my wedding pictures back! Waiting to share them all until I can go through them with my matron of honor/mommy plus daddy and hubby and we can all get emotional and sentimental about how awesome it was, but here's a little peak. Photo 1: I really. Really. Really. love to dance. And specifically requested Sir Mix-a-lot be played (do I even need to specify the song? I think the photo pretty much explains it) during the reception. Husband thought it was weird, but decided to humor his weird wife because hey, I look pretty hot in that dress (he loves my modesty). Photo 2: just so you can see I'm not completely ridiculous. I was a normal bride for a second. In between refreshing my medication for the horrendous flu I had that day and gathering the strength to break it down for my favorite song.

 So that's just a brief rundown of life here lately. Anyone else have super hilarious endearing wedding photos of them showing off their moves?

PS there is an update on my 23 before 24 list in the works. I'm doing lots of the scary things I listed! None will go unchecked this year, I vow it!

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