Saturday, January 18, 2014

eleven questions

I check in with Nicole's blog over at writes like a girl basically every day. I just love her blog. Yesterday she posted this list of questions and answers, so I'm answering the questionnaire today!

1. What is your favorite thing to do when you're feeling stressed?

All I want to do when I'm really stressed is cook something savory and comforting, and then take it to my reading nook and read an entire book in one sitting. Or I will write.
2. It's 2014. What invention are you still waiting for them to come out with?

A true no chip DIY manicure that doesn't take half an hour or more to dry. I hate waiting for my nails to dry because I hate being rendered unable to use my hands. They're my favorite part of my body.
3. You're in control of the thermostat--at what temperature do you set it?

68 degrees. I want the house to be cold because I like wearing fuzzy socks and wearing a blanket.
4. If you could go back and say something to yourself, what would you say and what age would you say it to?

It's ok not to get everything right all the time and it's ok to take a different path than everyone else. Different isn't bad as long as it's what is truly right for you.
5. What toppings are on your perfect pizza?

Mozarella cheese--the fresh kind, not the kind you have to grate but the kind that is stored in water and is expensive but oh so good, basil, tomatoes, and a yummy red sauce made from scratch.
6. What was the first book that changed your life?

This is hard to answer because I started reading at age 3 and books have been my constant companion. I ran out of books to read at the library in one of the towns I lived in because I finished all the young adult books and read everything in the adult section except sci-fi and horror/thrillers. But I think two of the books that have impacted me the most over the last few years has been A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly and then Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
7. What actor/actress would play you in the movie of your life?

Katherine Heigl because I'm told I look like her, although I don't see it. But everyone else does. She's Drew's favorite actress because he thinks she looks like me so much.
8. List three things you want to accomplish in the next five years:

Move into a house and not be in apartments anymore.
Live at the beach.
Learn how to act.
9. What's the last show you binge-watched?

The Big Bang Theory. Obsessed. I relate to Sheldon and Bernadette the most.
10. What drink or food item is your go-to guilty pleasure?

Food...Cheetos Puffs. I generally only eat healthful and nutritious food. I rarely allow processed foods in my kitchen. But I love Cheetos Puffs.
11. Do you feel that your current age fits you?
Definitely not. I should be at least 30.

If you do the questionnaire too, comment and send me the link! I would love to read more about you!

By the way, the wedding was amazing--many people have told me it was the best they've ever been to, which is nice and may just be something they are saying to be nice but I'm going to assume they meant it. I was very very sick that whole weekend--I missed the entire rehearsal dinner--with what has turned out to be bronchitis and is taking FOREVER to go away. I don't have any pictures yet because we encouraged everyone to be fully present so there weren't many photos being taken except by our photographer, and I'll get those in about a month and a half!

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